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Be More Organized With Your Business

Easy-to-use, highly secured, fully scalable, unlimited storage and In-built e-marketing tool to market your company and products.
Inform your customers about your products, announcements through track-able personalized email.

Rights Management

Rights Management

Be in complete control of your mails even in other user's inbox. Put user restrictions over Deleting/Forwarding/ Replying/Printing of your mails, even after sending the mail.

Virtual Storage

Virtual Storage

Get your own storage space for documentation and other important stuff. Access your storage area anytime and from anywhere. Send storage links instead of attachments and prevent SMTP server limitations for size. Allows effective use of email space.

Personalized Group Mail

Personalized Group Mail

An Enhanced Communication platform to enable you to send personalized group mails. A first hand mail reaches your customers/target audience with absolutely no clue of other recipients. Effectively manage unlimited people under different heads.

SMS/FAX Facility

SMS/FAX Facility

Experience additional SMS & FAX sending capability from your mailbox. Set and receive SMS alerts and notifications for even superior communication and smartly carrying out your activities.

How do I Sign Up for Free Trial ?

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Enter you registered

Second Step

Sign up via 3 way process
Personal - Credentials - Verfication

Third Step

Finally you own an account on XGEN PLUS

Fourth Step

Now you can create multiple accounts

More Organized With Your Business

We are Here For You

XGen Plus provides 24*7 technical support and consultation services. Our professionals are always there to assist you to solve common technology issues, choose a proper license or design your e-mail server scenario.

Sales and Pre-Sales

Every purchase of XGen Plus comes with free email support during business hours for the term of the purchase. The term is extended upon renewal and the point of upgrade. We guarantee a response within 48 hours.


Our sales specialists are ready to help you to solve all of your pre-sales enquiries. Current customers can contact us in case of any questions regarding licensing or buying add-on modules.

What People Say About Us ?
  • Steven Sugg

    As a broadband provider and hosted services provider, we need anti-spam protection and email services which are simple to use for both our clients and our staff. With Secured Mail, we have this and more...

    Testimonial Testimonial
  • Testimonial Testimonial

    I have highly recommended Secured Mail because there is nothing else that comes close to comparison. You either have it or you don′t. I really like Secured Mail because of quick send, sync with outlook , sms and fax...

  • Ritika

    Hi Im an MBA student and am using Secured Mail. its really good and easy to use and also makes my work a lot simpler. I can store ample information in the storage folders as well as make big attachments (university reports) to my mails. .

    Testimonial Testimonial
  • Testimonial Testimonial
    Dinesh Kumar

    It′s really nice (cool interface), simple (very user friendly), most robust (protection from Viruses & SPAM) and many more. If you really do faith on comments than you should not waste your time in thinking about this mail service.

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