What is Secured Mail?

Secured Mail is the most advanced mail server and web mail client which provides fast, secure and reliable emailing along with unified mailing service. It’s a total email management and relationship solution that has been designed especially to cater the needs of a company.

Who should prefer Secured Mail and Why?

Secured Mail is the right email solution for you if you are looking for an emailing solution to support your organizations email requirements. With Secured Mail, you get the flexibility of creating Unlimited Email ID’s for your employees along with the ease of use of any standard webmail like yahoo, rediffmail or hotmail.

What are the Unique Features of Secured Mail?

Secured Mail has a list of Unique Features like Security, Mail Interaction, FAX/SMS, POP/IMAP support, Virtual Storage and Shared Folder.

Whether Branding is possible with Secured Mail?

YES, Branding is possible with Secured Mail for your configured domain. In branding, Logo, Information Page and Address of your organisation will appear on your mail URL.

Can I configure Secured Mail on Outlook Express or other mail clients?

YES, Secured Mail supports POP/IMAP on Outlook Express and other mail clients.

Is it paid service?

Yes it is a paid service and can be bought from our website http://www.securedmail.in

How is security concerns addressed in Secured Mail?

Shows the last and current login IP address for you verify is someone’s’ snooping in your mailbox. You can also fix your IP address to bar any snoopers and block the access.

What is the maximum size of attachments I can send?

Using Secured Mail you can send email attachments upto 6 MB in size.

Do I get virus protection for my mail?

Yes, Secured Mail is providing protection from virus through command line anti-virus. Infected mails is deleting before sending to receiver

How much e-mail storage space do I get with Secured Mail?

You can get 5MB storage space with each Secured Mail account including virtual storage.

How do I manage user accounts on Secured Mail?

Each Secured Mail account comes with an administration console, using which, you can easily manage the email ID’s and other email related features.

How do I get technical support on Secured Mail?

Datainfosys provides dedicated customer support for all its customers by chat or phone support. We try to solve each and every problem as fast as possible so as to avoid any inconvenience to our customers.
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